An Introduction to Mindfulness (2 hours)

An Introduction to Mindfulness is designed both as a taster of the 8-week MBSR course and as a standalone introduction to mindfulness meditation.

During the 2 hour session you will learn what we mean by ‘meditation’ and ‘mindfulness’ as well as having an opportunity to practise some simple meditation techniques that you can take away at the end of the session to practise at home.

MBSR Graduate Session (2 hours)

This session is available to anyone who has completed an 8 week MBSR course.

The 2 hour session offers an opportunity to re-connect with your mindfulness practice and to practise with other graduates of the MBSR course. During the session there will be some guided practices and the chance to share your experiences of your own mindfulness practice.

Meditating in Chairs

Upcoming Courses (pre-booking required):

An Introduction to Mindfulness (ONLINE via ZOOM)


Time: 7PM - 9PM

Cost: £10 


MBSR Graduate Session

Dates:  TBC

Time: TBC

Cost: £TBC


Cancellation Policy

Course fees are payable in full at time of booking and are non-refundable.

Bookings & Further Information

In order to book a place on any of our courses, please email us at steve@meditationsurrey.co.uk

For further information, call Steve on 07941 514184 or email steve@meditationsurrey.co.uk