"Steve is a great mindfulness teacher! Very patient, calm and well-informed. Come with an open mind and be pleasantly surprised!" Dr P, Kingston


"I have found the course enjoyable and useful. Steve's quiet, unhurried approach and welcome positive interpretation of any question or thought just simply portrays how efffective mindful awareness is. The communication skills mindfulness brings is an added bonus I was not aware of." Mr D, London


"This 8 week course is amazing and I couldn't recommend it strongly enough. It really is life-changing and you couldn't wish for a better teacher. Having completed a previous 8 week mindfulness course I can wholeheartedly say that Steve's is an exceptional mindfulness course and one that I have benefitted from far more than any other mindfulness practice that I have done before." Ms L, Worcester Park


"Suffering from anxiety and panic disorder, migraine and vertigo, I embarked on my mindfulness journey with Steve and the other wonderful people who attended the course. I leave after 8 weeks pretty much transformed - no migraine, no vertigo, anxiety and panic massively subdued and decreasing daily. I cannot recommend mindfulness more highly. Steve has been a superb guide." Ms S, New Malden


"This is a truly inspirational course that has had a profound effect on my daily life. Steve is a wonderfully authentic guide, gently pointing the way to freedom from unnecessary suffering." Mr W, Horley


"Steve is a brilliant teacher and his MBSR course has met all my expectations. I would love to stay in touch and I will recommend his course to my friends." Ms E, Shepperton


"Steve's mindfulness course was so useful and he is a great mentor for mindfulness. He has a lovely manner and a relaxed teaching style - very enjoyable." Ms B, Ewell


"I really enjoyed the course. Steve is an amazing tutor and he looks after every aspect (of the course) very well and with ease. The course makes you re-think and re-prioritise what actually is important in life. Thanks a lot!" Ms M, Sutton


"I have very much enjoyed being led by Steve's gentle, kind and patient approach to Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. With a rich mix of practical exercises, homework, poetry, class discussion and reflection, my stress levels have really improved over a short period of time - as has my sleep! Thank you for your efforts Steve!" Ms B, Epsom


"The course is a good balance of practice, home practice and exercises and the opportunity to share with others. Steve is very calm and he paces the sessions well. Thank you Steve for the extra time at the beginning and end of the course. It is a wonderful thing you do for people!" Ms W, Stoneleigh


"I would totally recommend this course, as it has been so useful in giving me the tools, techniques and awareness to be able to stop, pause, notice....and manage a hectic life in a much more stress free way. I've loved it. Many thanks." Ms B, Ewell

"I loved the course and I looked forward to each session. It has benefitted me on so many levels: from learning about stress indicators to how to manage stress, appreciating every moment of eating, walking, communicating, spending time with people, just noticing! I highly recommend the course. In fact, I think everybody would benefit from this course - from kids to the elderly! Ms G, Ashtead


"An excellent course. Having dabbled with in mindfulness using the Headspace app, this course has given me the discipline to practise and a far deeper understanding of what mindfulness is about. I hope to teach children and to share what I've learnt with others." Ms. A, Worcester Park


"This course has had such a positive impact on my life. I have learnt so much about myself, and how to deal with stress and anxiety in a positive and proactive way. The course provides you with a tool kit, which will enable you to start your mindfulness journey and create a foundation for learning the key aspects of mindfulness. I would recommend this course to anyone as it benefits so many aspects of your life." Ms C, Worcester Park


"I signed up for the course after a frightening episode in my life. I didn't know what to expect or even how it might help. I feel that over 8 weeks a whole new world has been made available to me. A new perspective and ways of thinking that I never believed I would embrace, but I have and I'm so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and signed up." Mr D, Epsom


"I have found the course incredibly beneficial and I have learnt new mindfulness techniques. I am already integrating these into my daily life and I am feeling the benefits of daily mindfulness practice." Mr G, Epsom


"I came on the course to try and find ways to appreciate the present and not be so consumed by worry about what the future holds. I really feel that the course has given me tools to do this and to be grateful for simple pleasures around me."  Ms S, Ewell


"....the course developed my awareness and how I can positively experience all situations. It's a practice for life but so beneficial to one's self and others in your life." Ms L, Worcester Park


"I would thoroughly recommend the course. It has really helped me deal with the stresses of daily life." Mr H, Hampton Wick


"I felt the 8 week course would be a big commitment - it seemed a long time at the start. But the course has flown by. I enjoyed the course and I feel it has really helped me. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the course." Ms G, Epsom


"I enjoyed the course far more than I had anticipated. It's not always been easy but reaching the end of the course has given me a grounding I hope to carry with me." Ms. P, New Malden


"Now I know what mindfulness is and I can stop wondering if I am missing out on something. It's not some "Mystic Meg" cult, it's a practical, useful understanding for everyday life." Ms Y, London

"The course has been a gentle start to my mindfulness journey. I have enjoyed the stimulating content and practice that has enabled me to consider myself in depth and to begin to accept who I am with kindness, love and care." Ms E, Epsom

"Inspiring course gets you 'thinking' and teaches you how to deal with your thoughts. You become aware!" Mr P, Banstead


"I enjoyed the experiential nature of the course, the group approach and an excellent course leader who embodies the principles of mindfulness. Steve was excellent at leading the practices and facilitating the group processes." Ms M, Surbiton


"Thank you for a wonderful course. I finally have found time to be me, worry less about what is going to happen and appreciate being in the present moment." Ms G, Epsom


"A most beneficial course to anyone who feels overwhelmed by pressures at work or at home." Ms R, Wallington


"I signed up for the course mainly because I have two young children. I became aware that time was going very quickly and I felt I was on autopilot, juggling daily chores with small children and not really enjoying and appreciating special moments. I now feel like I allow myself to home in on these special times and really savour and cherish them. Thank you very much." Ms C, London


"This course has opened my mind to something different. A new dimension to my life that I feel is helping me to grow as a person. I feel happier, and I expect that to continue! Thanks Steve! Mr S, Tadworth


"I feel more empathy towards people but most importantly towards myself. I have learnt to say 'it's okay' whatever I think or feel. I am beginning to recognise my feelings, accept them and use them in 'I feel' sentences. More of this over a long period of time and I will change my life." Ms M, Walton-on-Thames


"It has been a profound experience to stop and take time to observe how I respond, to just be with myself and the judgements I have made about what belongs and what doesn't. I have enjoyed discovering I can simply notice what is - to be more accepting and friendly to myself. Thank You!!" Ms S, Epsom


"Mindfulness is a wonderful tool to help with the stresses and strains of modern day life. It's not easy and it takes time, commitment, and an open mind to get the best out of it. However, once on the road you'll miss it if you get off..." Mr K, Banstead